I want someone to help me out in this problem. I want to know a method which hides my application from the taskbar. I want to make an app that works in the background.

I am new to the electron, therefore I hadn't known anything about it. So, I hadn't actually tried anything out.

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mahdi shahbazi On Best Solutions

you can prevent it before close and hide window.

const {app} = require('electron');
const winConfig = {
        minWidth: 420,
        minHeight: 530,
        width: 400,
        height: 530
app.on('ready', () => {
   win = new BrowserWindow(winConfig);
   win.on('close', function (event){
      return false

with this code it prevent to close window and for quit app you can call app.quit(). if you use this and send your app to background I recommend you to use tray module for restore and have access your app again.

pergy On

You can create your BrowserWindow with skipTaskbar option. See docs for further options.

let win = new BrowserWindow({
  skipTaskbar: true