I want to use SecureStorage on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets but I get this error message on iOS. I have not yet tested SecureStorage on Android.

Xamarin Essentials SecureStorage

What is wrong? What does the error mean?

Error message image

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G.hakim On Best Solutions

The issue is that you did not add the Keychain entitlement that is mentioned to be added to Entitlement.plist

If you check the Microsoft docs it says:

When developing on the iOS simulator, enable the Keychain entitlement and add a keychain access group for the application's bundle identifier.

Open the Entitlements.plist in the iOS project and find the Keychain entitlement and enable it. This will automatically add the application's identifier as a group.

In the project properties, under iOS Bundle Signing set the Custom Entitlements to Entitlements.plist.

Also under Platform Specifics it says:

KeyChain is used to store values securely on iOS devices. The SecRecord used to store the value has a Service value set to [YOUR-APP-BUNDLE-ID].xamarinessentials.

In some cases, KeyChain data is synchronized with iCloud, and uninstalling the application may not remove the secure values from iCloud and other devices of the user.

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