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So, I am trying to read the array coming from python and python is calling mongodb. As I am trying to read the array, I am getting each character from the array. Like the code is reading the array as a string.

I have tried reading this code in various ways but always getting stuck. First, I am reading the value and putting it in a const variable. Then I am creating a for loop to loop through the array and display each item like '1 - client 1'...

var displayClient = [];
const clients = document.getElementById("clients").value;
var clients_array = clients;

var itemDisp = [];
var arrayLength = clients_array.length;

//looping through the objects inside the object
for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) {
    var client = clients_array[i].toString().split(',');
    displayClient.push(client[0] + ' - ' + client[1]);
    itemDisp.push({ label: displayClient[i]});  

//calling to diplay in the context menu
return { 
    "AddClient" : {
    label: "Add Client",                        
    "submenu": itemDisp, 
    disabled: false

//the array which I am trying to read
[['1', 'client 1'], ['2', 'client 2']]

the expected result is, to display something like; 1 - client 1... While the actual result is; [ - undefined, [ - undefined, ' - undefined...

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