So I have been following some tutorials lately and tried to create my own custom javascript application that would pull weather data from the darksky api and portray some data to the user on the webpage based on their current location. Please keep in mind that I am new to web dev so this may look really messy when I get to the code, but this has taken me a while to try to figure out what has been wrong. I know that in development mode, I can bypass this cors issue by using a proxy site and adding that to my api call, but when I try to deploy it to github websites, the whole thing just fails and I get all sorts of errors no matter what I try. For the purposes of asking you guys, I will set my application to the first commit I done (I tried numerous things and all of them failed). I will link my app and can any of you experienced members out there try to give me some direction? Inspecting the webpage will probably help out a lot.

Thank you so much in advanced.

Here is my website: Here is the github repository for the project:

Like I said, this works perfectly fine in local but not when deployed.

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