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I need to know how HTTP/1.1, webSocket and HTTP/2.0 works in terms of Socket (I am not interested in a list of different features between these three technologies).

So, when I start an HTTP/1.1 request I know that after server response, my connection will be closed. But, let me say, When I start an HTTP/1.1. request, at transport layer level, a socket will be inizialized to send my HTTP request (header and data) to the webserver.

So I have three questions:

  1. If HTTP/1.1 implements a socket (open from my pc and webserver) to send its request, why it can not use that socket to implement request-response cycle more and more times ?

  2. Is The principal different between HTTP/1.1 and webSocket the fact that HTTP/1.1 close the socket after the first request-response cycle and webSocket don't close the socket after first cycle ?

  3. How HTTP/2.0 manages socket between client and server ?

Thanks in advance.

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