I just downloaded and installed both the Core 2.2 SDK and the Core 2.2 Runtime. I also updated my version of Visual Studio 17 to the latest version.

To test 2.2, I created a simple ASP.NET Core website and, without changing anything, when I run the application I get the 502.5 error. The same thing happened on a similar setup on my notebook.

I would think that out-of-the box, this should work so I'm thinking something else is going on here. If I create a Core 2.1 application it is fine.

Any suggestions? The given link on the error page seems to cover this generically.

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DixitArora-MSFT On

Common causes of startup issues like 502.5 (Process Failure) is listed below: 

1. The application process start application process failed to start. 
2. Started but then stopped. 
3. The application started but failed to listen on the configured port. 

Things you can try :

1) Add CaptureStartupError() and UserSetting() in their Main/program.cs file as suggested here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/fundamentals/error-handling?view=aspnetcore-2.2#startup-exception-handling

2) Review eventlog.xml for error or exceptions.

3) Enable stdoutLogFile


4) When Detailed Errors is set to true and Capture Startup Errors is true, a detailed error page is displayed in response to every request to the server.


Nenad On

Try this: Close any running apps. Change default port to something else. Run VS as Administrator.