In Akka.Net there is the nice design inside an actor, to start a task with Task.Run and pipe the result back to the actor:

Task.Run(() => Method(...)).PipeTo(self);

Note, there is no IO involved.
Model Method(...)
there is a little bit of pre-processing, then I have to wait on a call to a Task<Model> and a little bit of post-processing.
Task<Model> is in a third-party library, I cannot change it.
Currently I do var model = proxy.GetModel(..).Result inside a try catch.
A possible AggregateException is taken into account.

Another idea is to use this with await.
var model = await proxy.GetModel(..) inside a try catch and changing the signature to
async Task<Model> Method(...)

How should I change the call to Method in the actor?

Task.Run(() => Method(...).Result).PipeTo(self);
Task.Run(async () => await Method(...)).PipeTo(self);

Which approach is better, what is the difference?

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Stephen Cleary On

Result blocks a thread and wraps any exceptions in AggregateException. For these reasons, I generally prefer await.

In this case, you can elide the async/await:

// Same as:
// Task.Run(async () => await Method(...)).PipeTo(self);
Task.Run(() => Method(...)).PipeTo(self);