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How to validate in Assertj Collection of Set

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I have method which returns List of records. Each record have Set as field.

public class R {
    public final Set s;

I have list of all expected Set - like:

Set<String> set1 = new HashSet<String>(); set1.add("s1");
Set<String> set2 = new HashSet<String>(); set1.add("s2");
Set<String> set3 = new HashSet<String>(); set1.add("s3");

I want to validate in easy way using AssertJ (ver. 3.11.1) that response List<R> contains all defined Set or at least aggregation of all elements from these sets are equals to aggregation of elements from sets set1, set2, set3

NOTE: solution bellow is not working:

Set allElements = new HashSet<String>();

List<R> result = foo();
    .extracting(record -> record.s)

I got:

  <[["s1.1", "s1.2"],
    ["s2.1", "s2.2"],
    ["s3.1", "s3.2"]]>
to contain only:

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