I've been trying to configure linting in codemirror to be asynchronous, but every time I add "async:true" to its options, linting simply stops.

I've done some google research trying to find what could be the problem, but couldn't find anything(nor a good explanation on what are and how to use the lint options, since codemirror has no documentation). I imagine it happens because the editor starts empty, and before the lint can make a first run, text is loaded to it. Besides that, I've no idea as to why it's not working(No errors are thrown)

My codemirror config:

editor = CodeMirror(
  mode: {name: "javascript", json: true },
  lineNumbers: true,
  lineWrapping: false,
  foldGutter: true,
  theme: "lesser-dark",
  gutters: ["CodeMirror-linenumbers","CodeMirror-lint-markers", "CodeMirror-foldgutter"],
lint: {
asi           : true,
evil          : true,
lintWith: {
    "async" : true,
  extraKeys: {
    "Cmd-S": function(instance) { handleSaveButton() },


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