How to trigger selected option event?

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I am trying to write some Javascript (not Jquery) that when the address dropdown field is clicked it will trigger an event to check the value in the 'ship state' field.


var addressDropdown = document.querySelector('#address-id');

var shipstateDropdown = document.querySelector('#shipstate-id');

var SelectedShipState;

addressDropdown.addEventListener('click', (addressEvent) => {
if (shipstateDropdown.options[shipstateDropdown.selectedIndex].value === "CA") {
    SelectedShipState = "CA";


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I resolved my issue. I first had to set the event handler for the address drop down which when this occurred it triggered a function. That function then gets the value from the ship state dropdown.

I also added in a setTimeout because the act of triggering the address handler was grabbing the ship state before the value could arrive resulting in a value that was delayed or null.

// Global defined variables //
var SelectedShipState
var selectElement = document.getElementById('ship-state-id');
var addressBook = document.getElementById('address-book-id');

// Change Event: When an address from the address book is selected ...
addressBook.addEventListener('change', (addressEvent) => {

// ... run this function to get the ship state.
setTimeout(addressFunction, 1000);

// When this function runs ...
function addressFunction() {

// ... get the value from the ship state select option.
SelectedShipState = this.selectElement.options[selectElement.selectedIndex].value;

// Change Event : Get the option each time it is selected //
selectElement.addEventListener('change', (changeEvent) => {
SelectedShipState = `${}`;

function RunRule () {
// do something ...