I have a Qt application that interfaces with DLLs. The UI is dynamic and explicitly loads a DLL (using LoadLibrary()), and this DLL then implicitly loads other DLLs.

When running the program without debugging, everything seems fine. But when I attach a debugger (in this case CDB), the standard output is flooded with lines like this :

@{module_attach|051D0000| 17|  0|  0|295|051EA40F| 18|C:\Users\XXX\YYY.dll:15|24|28|32|36|40|49|53}@

Where YYY.dll are DLLs loaded by my program. It makes the debug extremely slow, eventually crashing it. The DLL written are often 2 or 3 DLL the program uses, but not always the same (and it's never showing the message for ALL the DLL loaded).

Is it a debugger issue or did I do something wrong ?

Some precision : the Qt app is written in C++ and uses LoadLibrary(). The DLLs are written in C and only use implicit loading. Of the 6 DLL that are loaded, one is loaded by the Qt app, the rest implicitly. Only one of the DLL have a DLLMain, if that makes a difference.

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