I made a process that grabs the email body in an Outlook email. The email body is stored in a collection, however it puts everything into one row (which contains multiple information). I need to grab order numbers (that contain letters and numbers) and quantity amounts from this row, but I am not sure how to go about this. I am still learning how to use Blue Prism. Any advice would be great!

Checks email box if exists, then gets unread emails and stores in collection

VBO stores entire email body into a collection. Stores into one row, includes spaces and all. Tried to use the split line command to split each line of the email body collection

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Andrzej Kaczor On Best Solutions

Well, the data is in collection, but it's in one big text field... so it's more of a question about how to parse the text to retrieve the data. And the answer is only one! The Regular Expressions!

You can find a regex action in below object:

Object: Utility - Strings C#
Action: Extract Regex Values

The regex is really powerful tool - for example with a simple "https:\S+" you can find all the links from the email. I think it's a great tool to learn as a RPA developer.

If you'd like the community to help you with building a an exact expression, then you'll need to how the exact html of the email message.