I can use logstash with the binaries by specifying the config file like this

./logstash -f ../config/logstash-sample.conf

But when it is installed rather than using the binaries it seems their site says you start logstash as a service like this

sudo initctl start logstash

How can I start it as a service and specify the same config file I would use if i were using the binaries.

something like this although this command doesn't work

sudo initctl start logstash -f logstash-simple.conf


2 Answers

Mick O'Gorman On Best Solutions

By default the config files are specified in pipeline.yml, it can be overwritten in logstash.yml.

By default it looks for all files in etc/logstash/conf.d/*.conf

Created one there called logstash.conf and added my configuration in there. Needed to chmod 777 logstash.conf to allow permissions to it otherwise would not work.

Alain Collins On

The location of the config file is specified (and probably hard-coded relative to some other directory) in your startup script. Either change it there, or put the config in the expected location.