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how to show phonegap admob outside the index.html

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im using phonegap adbmob plugin in my web application, its works good just in index.html page, how can i use it in other pages ? here is my admob code for index.html

        function onLoad() {       
        document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
    function onDeviceReady() {
                admob.initAdmob("ca-app-pub-7193292113927984/6827828118","ca-app-pub-7193292113927984/3082780956");//admob id format ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx

admob.showBanner(admob.BannerSize.SMART_BANNER,admob.Position.BOTTOM_APP);//show banner at the bottom of app 
//    admob.showBanner(admob.BannerSize.BANNER,admob.Position.TOP_APP);//show banner at the top of app 
         document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialReceive, onInterstitialReceive, false);//show in ad receive event fun need add receive listener
        setInterval(function(){admob.cacheInterstitial(); admob.showInterstitial();}, 30000);
 admob.cacheInterstitial();// load admob Interstitial
 function onInterstitialReceive(message) {//show in ad receive event fun

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