So I have been trying to set up a ClusterItem info window and a clusterItemInfowindow listener for the same, most of the code samples I found have been incompatible with the latest libraries and stuff. I want that the Infowindow should display information related to that cluster and when clicked the window must pass values to the android bundle to be used by another activity. The major problem I have been encountering is that most of the code samples I have found are showing errors when used.Can anyone help me out here?

I have already referred to these answers but none of them has worked for me. 1. How to add info window for clustering marker in android? 2. How to set info window details in Google Maps Clustering Utility Android?

ClusterManager mClusterManager = new ClusterManager(getApplicationContext(), googleMap); mClusterManager = new ClusterManager(this, googleMap); googleMap.setOnCameraChangeListener(mClusterManager);

    mClusterManager.setRenderer(new MyClusterRenderer(this, googleMap,

            new MyCustomAdapterForClusters());

First the error shows setrenderer cannot be resolved and then the setOnCameraChangeListener is showing error with mClustermanager and is also deprecated.

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