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How to set affiliation to promotor and supervisor?

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I am making a report header and I have the following problem: I want to add an affiliation to the promoter/supervisor. The problem is that I am only able to add affiliations to the authors. Moreover, if I print the authors (\@author) the affiliations appear directly underneath the authors. So, does anyone know how to add affiliations to the promotor and supervisor and print this underneath the supervisors?

\documentclass[dutch, a4paper, 11pt]{article}

\usepackage[a4paper, left=1.27cm,top=1.27cm,right =1.27cm, bottom = 1.4cm]{geometry}

% fill in document information
\title{This is my title}
\author[1]{Author 1}
\author[2]{Author 2}
\affil[1]{University 1}
\affil[2]{University 2}
\def\subject{Cross Project}
\def\promotors{Promotor name}
\def\supervisors{Supervisor name}



    {\LARGE \bf \@title}\\[2mm]
    {\large \@author}\\[2.0mm]
    Promotor: \promotors \\
    Supervisors: \supervisors \\
        %I want to print the affiliations here
    {\@date} \\




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