I want to scale a data series on a time chart so that it is visible with the other series. The first two series represent successfully and failed requests with the 3rd series representing a customEvent of the application attempting to correct itself. All three series get plotted but the restart series is essentially a line at 0 due to the relative difference in magnitudes. The documentation for the ysplit option of the render operator suggests that axes would provide what I am looking for but none of the values seem to affect the graph.

| where timestamp > ago(3d) and name has "POST /v1/validation"
| union customEvents |  where timestamp > ago(3d)
| extend Event=case(itemType == 'request' and success == "True", "Succeeded", itemType == "request" and success == "False", "Failed", "Restarted")
| summarize Count=count() by Event, bin(timestamp, 1h)
| render timechart

Here is the time chart that gets rendered with the Restarted series but the highest number within a bucket is 2 so it is essentially a flat line at the origin.

Kusto Timechart

Update 5/3

The UX client is the Application Insights Analytics widget of the Azure portal.

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