I add a plugin(CATIA V5 R21 Associative Interface) to CATIA, and I want to run a macro code that using the plugin in batch. How to change the batch code?

I can run the macro using batch code which didn't using plugin as follow:

"S:\Program Files\DS\B21\intel_a\code\bin\CNEXT.exe" -batch -macro "ScriptPath\ScriptName.catvbs"

The batch code to open add plugin to Catia as follow:

@echo off
set PATH = C:Program Files(x86)\DS\B21\intel_a\code\bin;C:\SIMULIA\CAI\CAI_R21\intel_a\code\bin;%PATH%
start "CATIA V5 R21 Associative Interface" /b "cnext.exe" -env CAI_R21.txt -direnv "C:\ProgramData\DS\CATEnv"

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