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I am interested in the paper Enhanced Multi-attribute Combinative Double Auction (EMCDA) for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing by Vinothiyalakshmi and Anitha (2022).

I want to implement their proposed algorithm, which is a multi-attribute combinative double auction algorithm for resource allocation in cloud computing. I am using Python as the programming language.

However, I have some difficulties in understanding and implementing the algorithm.

  1. how to model the customers and providers as bidders with multiple attributes, such as price, quality, reliability, etc.
  2. how to use the normalization factors to calculate the utility and price for each bid.
  3. how to find the optimal matching between customers and providers using the Hungarian algorithm.

Can anyone help me with these difficulties? How can I model the bidders, calculate the utility and price, and find the optimal matching? Any suggestions or references are appreciated. Thank you very much!

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