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How to repeat a checkout after changing CRLF to LF only

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I have a repository checked out on a windows machine, but it has CRLF newlines in every file. I would like to check this repository out with Unix format LF only instead. I've changed the setting on tortoise git to disable changing newlines to the Windows format, but how to I get it to actually update the newlines in my checkout to LF?

I'm in this pickle because I have some changes I've made and committed to one repository on my windows machine that I would like to copy to another repository on my Linux machine. The repositories are not easily comparable / have no commits in exact sync with each other, so I'd just like to delete all the files and copy in the updated versions. For ease of viewing the git history, I don't want every file to be marked as changed. The commit should be a reasonably nice diff between the copied in files and the previous commit.

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