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How to reload route model from controller in Ember?

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I am currently struggling with a task that I expected to be quite easy or common: I'd like to initiate a reload of the route model in the controller. As far as I can see, there is no easy way of doing this? Yes, I can access a RouteInfo object by the target property of the controller, but from there I see no way to refresh the model.

A little background about the task I try to solve: I have a route with a model that provides the last object from a collection that has a certain flag not set (e.g. "not indexed" in route /index-object). Now the user works on this object an triggers an action in the controller which set this flag (to "indexed"). So if I reload the route by navigating back and forth the next object is shown. But I want to trigger this reload directly in the action (without reloading the whole page, of course).

My question: Is this possible or is there another/right way of accomplishing what I try to achieve?

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