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I am running this command gcloud compute regions list to fetch the list of region in my GCP. It return output like below,

NAME            CPUS     DISKS_GB   
asia-east1      0/600    0/102400  
asia-east2      0/600    0/102400  

I just want to read the first column 'NAME' and store it in a list wihtout using pandas.

My code is as follow,

def get_process_cmd_output(cmd):
        p1 = Popen([cmd], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=True)
        (output, err) = p1.communicate()
        return output.decode('UTF-8')
        return None

get_regions_list = 'gcloud compute regions list'
get_regions_response = get_process_cmd_output(get_regions_list)

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