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How to print a list more nicely?

Asked by At

This is similar to How to print a list in Python “nicely”, but I would like to print the list even more nicely -- without the brackets and apostrophes and commas, and even better in columns.

foolist = ['exiv2-devel', 'mingw-libs', 'tcltk-demos', 'fcgi', 'netcdf', 
    'pdcurses-devel',     'msvcrt', 'gdal-grass', 'iconv', 'qgis-devel', 
    'qgis1.1', 'php_mapscript']


Desired result:

exiv2-devel       msvcrt        
mingw-libs        gdal-grass    
tcltk-demos       iconv         
fcgi              qgis-devel    
netcdf            qgis1.1       
pdcurses-devel    php_mapscript 


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