I have to print a binary tree level by level like this:

          /   \
      (3,f)   (6,n)
      /  \
  (1,k)   (2,c)

and it has to print


The hyphens being the level the node is in.

The part about printing it I think I have already figured out:

void print_tree (binario_t tree) {
    while (tree != NULL) {
       print_tree (tree -> right);
       printf (...);
       print_tree (tree -> left);

I can't figure out how to count the levels and print the hyphens.

These are the definitions used for the tree:

struct rep_info {
  int num;
  char *frase; 
struct rep_binario {
    info_t dato;
    rep_binario *left;
    rep_binario *right;

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