How to Play Beep Conditionally?

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I want to play a beep sound if a copy operation fails.

copy C:\Amethyst\Original.docx C:\Backup

The sound always plays.

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What you ask is not directly feasible with CMD ... but with NIRCMD.exe it is possible !

Download Here

  • 1) Unzip

  • 2) Move the 3 files (nircmd.exe, nircmdc.exe, nircmd.chm) into C:/Windows/System32

  • +) For more help on NIRCMD, type nircmd.chm in the command prompt

For the beep, there are several solutions:
- nircmd stdbeep will play the default Windows beep
- nircmd beep [Frequency] [Duration] will play a beep with a frequency of [Frequency] Hz for [Duration] milliseconds
- nircmd mediaplay [play time] [audio file] will play [audio file] for [play time] milliseconds

I hope I answered your question