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Is there a way to pass the claim as VolumeClaimTemplate and then provide its values to the pipeline so those are used when the PipelineRun is created at the execution of the pipeline instead of a PVC?

I have this VolumeClaimTemplate (see the image) and need to pass its details through the tkn start pipeline-name CLI command: VolumeClaimTemplate

My entire CLI command is as next:

tkn pipeline start run-tests-portal-with-report --showlog \
 -w name=shared-data,claimName=VolumeClaimTemplate,storageClassName=default-netapp-disk,accessModes=ReadWriteOnce,storage=1Gi,volumeMode=Filesystem \
 -w name=git-credentials,secret=gh-token \
 -p repo-url= \
 -p revision=PRJT-123

Now this is the error I am getting in openshift:

message: >- pod status "PodScheduled":"False"; message: "0/12 nodes are available: 12 persistentvolumeclaim "VolumeClaimTemplate" not found. preemption: 0/12 nodes are available: 12 Preemption is not helpful for scheduling."

I understand the issue, but how do I tell it through the CLI that 'use this VolumeClaimTemplate' where the 'StorageClass is default-netapp-disk' with the other details (though when I manually select the storage class in the UI it automatically sets the access mode, size and volume mode) and then it'll use it to create the PersistentVolume at runtime within the PipelineRun?

I hope this is explanatory enough, Is this even doable?

I've tried many things and could not find a solution, I am not even sure this is doable.

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