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How to pass file using html form, Dropzone and Flask

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I am using Dropzone and Flask using html form to pass files. like this below:

                  <div class="fallback">
                      accept=".csv, text/csv, text/plain, text/tsv, text/comma-separated-values"

                  <div class="dz-message needsclick">
                    <i class="h1 text-muted dripicons-cloud-upload"></i>
                    <h3>Drop CSV file here or click to upload.</h3>

                  <div class="clearfix text-right mt-3">
                    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-danger"> <i class="mdi mdi-send mr-1"></i> Submit</button>


Here is my JS below:

      // when the form myAwesomeDropzone has a file added
      // submit the form

      Dropzone.options.myAwesomeDropzone = {
        autoProcessQueue: false,
        uploadMultiple: false,
        parallelUploads: 100,
        maxFiles: 1,
        maxFilesize: 20,
        acceptedFiles: ".csv",
        addRemoveLinks: true,
        dictRemoveFile: "Remove",
          "File is too big ({{filesize}}MiB). Max filesize: {{maxFilesize}}MiB.",
        dictInvalidFileType: "You can't upload files of this type.",
        dictMaxFilesExceeded: "You can only upload 1 file.",
        init: function () {
          var myDropzone = this;

          // if s CSV file is upload, submit the form with the csv file
          this.on("addedfile", function (file) {
            // Enable the submit button
            document.querySelector("button[type='submit']").disabled = false;

In the Flask route:

@app.route("/", methods=["POST"])
def process_csv_file():
    print("request files: ", request.files)

    file = request.files.get("file")
    print("file: ", file)
    data = pd.read_csv(io.StringIO(file.decode("utf-8")))
    print("data: ")
    return "processed"

The request files are empty. I have tried using the button, removing the button and tried debugging whats wrong but I cant understand why the request files are empty. What could be the error?

Thanks in advance

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