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How to make stacked donut chart which looks like a row?

Asked by At

I'm experimenting with chartjs and trying to make donut-in-line chart. I've choose stacked bar chart, but cant improve it so that looked like on a picture.

new Chart(ctx2, {
        type: 'horizontalBar',
        data: barChartData,
        options: {
                responsive: true,
                scales: {
                    xAxes: [{
                        stacked: true
                    yAxes: [{
                        stacked: true


I've already tried using barPercentage and categoryPercentage but it doesnt help scaling bar at fullwidth.

Also I want to have separated tooltips like on donut chart:

enter image description here

But not like this:

enter image description here

Solved a bit. Currently I have these problems: 1. Still have a padding at the bottom 2. Mergerd tooltips 3. Bars dont fit all width

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