I have throuble with my program, so I create a Flutter App, And I will create a Login Page, but I want to use laravel to login

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BertC On

@Fajrul, In my opinion you are mixing up some things here. Flutter is on the Client side (on your mobile device for that matter). And Laravel is the PHP environment which runs on a server.

So, my guess is that you have a Laravel application on the server, maybe a RESTful API build in Laravel. And you want Flutter (client side) to log in to PHP-Laravel (server side).

If that is your setup, then your question makes sense.

The answer would be that it totally depends on how you have setup the login-technology on the server-side (in Laravel). Do you use Sessions and Cookies? Do you use JWT's? Or do you use something else?

In case of tokens: take a look here at DidierBoelens.com