we have a app, that generates some log files with different naming convertion in a folder "logs".
e.g. 2019_03_04_core.log, 2019_03_06_core.log, 2019_03_04_api.log, 2019_03_06_api.log.

I'm working on linking these files to two folders "core" and "api" according to their pattern "*_core.log" and "*_api.log" respectively. I tried to build two symbolic link with
ln -s logs/*_core.log /home/test/core/
ln -s logs/*_api.log /home/test/api/


I must add a new symbloc link every time manually , once a new log file is generated by the app in the folder "logs", because the command "ln" cannot keep including the new files accroding to the patterns.

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply :)

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