Previously I worked on a project in Delphi XE7 and now want to open and edit it in Delphi 10 Seattle. I had used TMS component pack but my old TMS is for Delphi XE7. Actually, I don't want to buy a newer version but want to use some of that old version components. Is there any way?

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Open a Windows Explorer and navigate to your TMS component pack installation folder. There open the file with a text editor of your choice.

You should NOT be able to find {$IFDEF VER290} or {$IFDEF VER300}, since they would be the entries for Delphi XE8 respectively Delphi 10 Seattle!

Search for {$IFDEF VER280}, that's the entry for Delphi XE7, and copy the whole section as far as to the corresponding {$ENDIF}. Paste it after the VER280 section and set the version number to VER300 -> {$IFDEF VER300}.

Then try to open the group project file tmsdXE7group.groupproj for Delphi XE7 in Delphi 10 Seattle and install the components as any other ones (right click on the five package names in project view -> compile, then -> install.

Don't forget to add the neccesary paths to the library path:
Tools -> Options -> Environment options -> Delphi options -> Library -> select "32-Bit-Windows" if necessary -> Library path -> Button [...]:

  • Path of TMS Component pack install folder, e.g. C:\TMS Component Pack
  • install folder\Delphi10Seattle\Win32\Release (maybe you have to use DelphiXE7 instead)
  • install folder\XlsAdapter

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