When I inserted my hashed password to my mongodb database using pymongo it's create a new document into password. In this document it's create a key called "$binary".


"_id" : ObjectId("......"),

"email" :"[email protected]",

"password" : {"$binary" :"JDJiJDEyJEdwNWtlY3NTSllNR0FzaGRKKHVH0Ykh4TS5JZk00SFA5SWZ2cmpWMXpKelQ2Z2hyTjQzRkNuODMy", "$type" : "00" }


I want to store my hashed password like a string. Is it possible ?? If no, So how can I get this value(hashed password) for login etc? If yes, how can I do this?

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