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I'm writing Windows kernel driver with Visual Studio 2017 as a C++ project. I've included "ntifs.h" that covers most definitions that weren't included in "ntddk.h".

Then, as a quick example, say, I want to call NtQuerySystemInformation function, but the definition of SYSTEM_INFORMATION_CLASS is missing. That page suggests including winternl.h. But when I do:

#include <winternl.h>

It doesn't find it:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'winternl.h': No such file or directory

So even if I provide a path for it, I then get a bunch of errors from winternl.h, ntdef.h, etc. about struct redefinitions.

Any idea how to include all those definitions from the winternl.h into a kernel driver project?

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