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How to include() nested child entity in linq

Asked by At

How do I include a child of a child entitiy?

Ie, Jobs have Quotes which have QuoteItems

var job = db.Jobs
            .Where(x => x.JobID == id)
            .Include(x => x.Quotes)
            .Include(x => x.Quotes.QuoteItems) // This doesn't work

Just to be clearer - I'm trying to retrieve a single Job item, and it's associated Quotes (one to many) and for each Quote the associated QuoteItems (One Quote can have many QuoteItems)

The reason I'm asking is because in my Quote Index view I'm trying to show the Total of all the Quote items for each Quote by SUMming the Subtotal, but it's coming out as 0. I'm calling the Subtotal like this:

@item.QuoteItem.Sum(p => p.Subtotal)

I believe the reason I have this issue is that my Linq query above isn't retrieving the associated QuoteItems for each Quote.

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