I have installed the latest version of Azure Data Studio (1.6.0) I don't have access to a SQLServer 2017/2019, only 2016, but would like to run some Python against it anyways from the notebooks now available in Azure Data Studio.

I would use pyodbc or pymsssql modules to do this.

but how do i add these modules to the environment?

I have downloaded the module, but when trying to add like this

pip install pyodbc-4.0.26-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl 

i get this error

Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using '"d:\0.0.1\python.exe" "c:\Users\bi_pt\azuredatastudio-python\0.0.1\Scripts\pip.exe" '

There is no path 'd:\0.0.1\' in my environment and the python.exe is located here 'c:\Users\bi_pt\azuredatastudio-python\0.0.1\'

any ideas ?

regards Peter

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Peter Tilsted On Best Solutions

I know i shouldn't answer my own questions but i got these instructions from @MGoCode on Twitter:

"In the notebook choose any kernel other than SQL and click the Install Packages button on the toolbar. That opens a terminal window in ADS where we change to the correct directory and give instructions on how to pip install"

and it works :-)