hello people and happy easter,

I use the oscar_import_catalogue command to import products into my shop. At this moment, I already modified the partner/importer.py and now I can add some attributes into the csv, here is my snipped:

def _create_item(self, product_class, category_str, upc, title,
                     description, co2, is_public, stats):
        # ....
        item.upc = upc
        item.title = title
        item.description = description
        item.product_class = product_class
        item.co2 = co2
        item.is_public = is_public

have a lot of products and it would be much easier to add the subcategories to the csv as well. Simple example: product_class: electronics. categories: mobile phones (1) > android phones (2) > samsung phones (3).

Does somebody has any idea?


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