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How to implement simple dynamodb table with daily value

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I'am learning AWS API Gateway + Lambda + Dynamodb by building a very simple API project.

I have a daily value starting from 2013-01-01 and keep updating every day, so basically is something like:

        "value": 1776.09,
        "date": "2013-01-01"
        "value": 1779.25,
        "date": "2013-01-02"
    // ...
        "value": 2697.32,
        "date": "2018-11-22"

In the API I want to get the data for a specific day and for a range (dateFrom - dateTo), and I've been reading about Dynamodb and planning to have date as partition key in format YYYY-MM-DD and no sorting key, but not sure if this is the correct aproach for this type of data and the range query I'm going to be doing as I assume I'm going to have to do a full table scan for the range query, although is a small data set.

Can someone point me if this aproach is right or do I need to reconsider my table structure.

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