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I written a script that extract some data from an API and build an Excel file. I'm not a dev, it is my first real program ever writted. I hosted the code on Google Colab.

There is API secret keys in clear. I want to share it with a Google Drive sharing link to people needing to generate the Excel file so that they can execute it. However I would prefer not to include API secret keys in clear in order to avoid accidental sharings outside of the entreprise.

I'm wondering how to hide this... Or how to provide users an alternative methode to execute the file without knowing the passwords. I don't have access to a shared webserver internally to the entreprise.


CLIENT_KEY = u'*****'
CLIENT_SECRET = u'*****'
BASE_URL = u'*****'

access_token_key = '*****'
access_token_secret = '*****'

print ('Getting user profile...',)
oauth = OAuth(CLIENT_KEY, client_secret=CLIENT_SECRET, resource_owner_key=access_token_key,
r = requests.get(url=BASE_URL + '1/user/me/profile', auth=oauth)
print (json.dumps(r.json(), sort_keys=True, indent=4, separators=(',', ': ')))


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