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How to give different Load for Transaction Controller in Jmeter?

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I have created the test case in Jmeter

Test Plan 
  - Transaction Controller (Login)
     - Login
     - Home Page
  - Transaction Controller (Payment)
     - Make Payment
     - Search Payment
     - Schedule Payment
  - Transaction Controller (Online Services)
     - Cheque Request
     - Card Replacement
  - Transaction Controller (Add Beneficiary)
      - Add Beneficiary
      - Activate Beneficiary
  - Transaction Controller (Account Services)
       - Mini Statement
       - Balance

................. it goes on

We have tried 3000 users for all the scenarios. But business team has the requirement like all the users don't want to hit all the request as it can not be realistic. They have priority like

Login ~ 50%
Payment ~ 20%
Account Service ~  20%
General Service ~ 2%

Jmeter's default behavior is to run all the request indenpendently and will run all the request for the thread count which is configured.

Is it possible to achieve this?

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