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How to get JavaFX and Java 11 working in IntelliJ IDEA

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With the recent Java 11 release, JavaFX is no longer included in the JDK. I have an existing JavaFX project. I am interested in learning how to change it from a Java 10 project to a Java 11. I am certain I have installed Java 11 correctly, and I am able to change the default SDK from Java 10 to Java 11. What I don't know is how I might get JavaFX working with Java 11.

I have downloaded the latest JavaFX release here. I have extracted it to my Java folder which contains my other JDK's, but I really don't know what to do at this point. I have read some lengthy guides that describe how to connect a project using Maven or Gradle, but I have never used these. Is there a way to add JavaFX support in the IntelliJ menus?

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