I have java web application using struts 1.x. Recently my application has gone through penetration testing and our testers found some security holes. Let me explain. In my application i have 2 users called ‘Admin’ and ‘user’. First our PenTester logged to my application as ‘Admin’ and they use ‘Burp tool’ to intercept the request and copy the whole request content into notepad and then forward the request. Now My application log in as ‘Admin’. They use another browser instance to login as “user” and use burp tool to intercept the request. This time they removed the whole request content and copy back the whole request content of ‘Admin’ and then forward the request. Now my application logged in as ‘Admin’ without asking any user id/password? How to restrict this situation? I already stored userid in my session variable after successful login of each user. The moment they intercept the request and copy the ‘admin’ request content, my session variable userid also changed to ‘admin’. How to validate this situation? Your help is really appreciated.

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luk2302 On

That is not really that much of an issue since the first part "copy the whole request content" is not easily doable if you have a proper HTTPS / SSL connection. That only works if the PC of the user logging as an admin is compromised in which case: nothing you can about it anyway because they can just sniff the keystrokes and get the plain password.

If on the other hand you communicate without the S, namely just HTTP then the solution is: get a certificate and switch to HTTPS.

Apart from that your application can pin a session to an IP which means if the session id / cookie is stolen and someone else uses it you can detect an IP mismatch and ask for credentials again.