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I have a simple problem I am working to solve. I would like to add a new claim to the local WSO2 claim dialect, then add that claim a service provider. I am using a Postgres database.

My steps:

1.) Add the local claim. I confirmed that this claim is being added to my Postgres database in the idn_claim table.

enter image description here

2.) Try to add claim in service provider page

enter image description here

However, the claim isn't there. I have triple checked the list, I understand that it may not be in alphabetical order.

A sanity check I performed:

I deleted a claim from the local claim dialect to see if it would be removed from the dropdown list, but it still shows up.

1.) I deleted the "mobile" claim (it's not showing up here because I deleted it)

enter image description here

2.) But it's still showing up in this list on the service provider page

enter image description here

I have tried to repeat these steps on a "fresh" WSO2 instance and they work. The claim shows up correctly so I understand that this SHOULD work. Here are some things that I have changed in the instance that doesn't work:

  1. I am using a remote Postgres database instead of the local H2 database
  2. I added some claims (I added them to the local dialect and linked them to an external dialect) on first startup through the claim-config.xml file.

I tried tracing the code that populates the claim dropdown in the service provider page (configure-service-provider.jsp) and I got to the file but I'm having trouble tracking down the call to get the claims. I assumed it's a call to the claim DB table (idn_claim). However, it must not be because after I deleted the mobile claim (which deleted it from the idn_claim table), it still showed up in the dropdown.

I have also tried restarting (gracefully and forcefully) the WSO2 server after adding the local claim.

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