I am using placenote sdk to provide stored persistent maps for my application but when I click the button to transition to the augmented reality map view, it just shows a blank screen

    @IBAction func button1(_ sender: Any) {
        if (!placenoteSessionRunning)
            placenoteSessionRunning = true
            LibPlacenote.instance.loadMap(mapId: "0170582d-4425-4194-a71e-1c8b8eebe90f",
                                          downloadProgressCb: {(completed: Bool, faulted: Bool, percentage: Float) -> Void in
                                            if (completed) {

It should load the persistent map in a new view.

1 Answers

Wilson Desimini On

Did you set up the PNDelegate? If so, check the onStatusChange method to see if the currStatus variable is running