How to enable acl in consul?

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I am trying to integrate Vault with consul and following this url but its failing with the following error

Failed to create new token: Unexpected response code: 401 (ACL support disabled)

I am trying to run this command

CONSUL_HTTP_TOKEN=242323-43434-6809-387b-a88a25bd3d9b ./consul acl token create -policy-name=global-management

What is the way to enable ACL in consul?

config.json file have following details

"primary_datacenter": "dc1",
  "acl": {
    "enabled": true,
    "default_policy": "deny",
    "down_policy": "extend-cache"

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config.json looks OK, but you will have to boostrap Consul ACL system first. This is described in the guide on how to setup Consul ACL system: