Currently I have a write a networking app writen in C. It is boring to handle networking, protocol parse, json parse, I want to use Ruby to handle these tasks, which is every easy in Ruby.

I currently write a MRI Ruby app as a separate daemon, talk with my C app with uninx socket message. But it is not neat like function call in a single one app.

I found mruby is every lightweight, so I want to embed mruby into C app, make mruby code as a running service, talk with C function directly.

I serarch mruby document, and found some code example, such as and this But it is too easy, just create mruby vm, load ruby code, execute it, then close mruby vm.

Could you give me some tip on how to design a useful mruby service work together c? Maybe I should create a pthrad for mruby code?

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