I am new in codename one. I want to do the apps using webview. When I add the code below the simulator will close automotive. Here is the code:

 public void start() {
    if(current != null){
    Form hi = new Form("Login", new BorderLayout(BorderLayout.CENTER_BEHAVIOR_CENTER));

    BorderLayout borderLayout = new BorderLayout(BorderLayout.CENTER_BEHAVIOR_CENTER);
    WebView web = new WebView();

The socond question is how to set "Login" title to left and put image icon at the right side?

1 Answers

Shai Almog On

WebView isn't a Codename One class. The Codename One class is BrowserComponent. I'm guessing you changed the classpath in the project in creative ways and probably the build script as well.

You can access native code with native interfaces but this isn't the way to do it.