I have multiple projects with different functions for example

Solution A

  • Project A
    • Function A1
    • Function A2

Solution B

  • Project B
    • Function B1
    • Function B2

I have 1 Resource Group (R1) which has Project A functions. If I deploy Project B functions to Resource Group "R1" its removing Project A functions and replacing it with Project B functions.

Is there way to deploy functions from both Project A and Project B together to same Resource Group (R1)?

1 Answers

George Chen On Best Solutions

I test with Visual Studio and it works well.

Your function are overwritten by default is because the value Delete existing files is set to true when you deploy you choose Select Existing.

enter image description here

So yo could Edit your Publish Profile Settings. Uncheck the Remove additional files at destination.

enter image description here

Then you will be able to deploy them together. However the recommend way is to deploy everything as one package.