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How to create a VPC endpoint for autoscaling

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We have our VPCs not directly connected to internet. So we need CLI --endpoint-url option to send commands to the custom VPC endpoints instead of standard AWS service endpoints e.g.

aws sns publish --message $MESSAGE  --target-arn $SNSTARGET --region $REGION --endpoint-url ''

For autoscaling though: I can't find any vpc endpoint interface option and the EC2 endpoint is not accepted.

aws autoscaling complete-lifecycle-action --lifecycle-hook-name $LIFECYCLEHOOKNAME --auto-scaling-group-name $ASGNAME --lifecycle-action-result $HOOKRESULT --instance-id $INSTANCEID  --region $REGION

Could not connect to the endpoint URL:

If I try to use the closest endpoint i.e. EC2

aws autoscaling complete-lifecycle-action --lifecycle-hook-name $LIFECYCLEHOOKNAME --auto-scaling-group-name $ASGNAME --lifecycle-action-result $HOOKRESULT --instance-id $INSTANCEID  --region $REGION --endpoint-url ''

An error occurred (InvalidAction) when calling the CompleteLifecycleAction operation: The action CompleteLifecycleAction is not valid for this web service.

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