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I have a local Docker container running PostgreSQL. I want to be able to connect to and interact with this database from R running on my host machine (Mac OS).

I can connect using pgadmin4 via the following address

then adding a new server:

Add new server. General Tab --> name: tagbase. Connection Tab --> Host name/address: postgres. Connection Tab --> Port: 5432. Connection Tab --> Maintenance database: postgres. Connection Tab --> Username: tagbase

This works perfectly.

However, to connect from R I try:


# load the PostgreSQL driver
drv <- dbDriver("PostgreSQL")

# create a connection to the postgres database
con <- RPostgreSQL::dbConnect(drv, dbname = "postgres",
                 host = "localhost", port = 5434,
                 user = "tagbase", password = "tagbase")

This attempt simply hangs until it crashes R.

Perhaps a viable solution is something similar to this. Many thanks for any help.

EDIT - 20190207

Thanks for the comments. I have made the changes with no improvement but agreed the changes were necessary.

I successfully start this docker network (of 3 containers) via terminal as below. It looks to me like I want to connect to the postgres container at on port 5432, correct?

$ docker-compose up
Starting tagbase-server_postgres_1_3f42d4fc1a77 ... done
Starting tagbase-server_pgadmin4_1_52ab92a49f22 ... done
Starting tagbase-server_tagbase_1_9d3a22c8be46  ... done
Attaching to tagbase-server_postgres_1_3f42d4fc1a77, tagbase-server_pgadmin4_1_52ab92a49f22, tagbase-server_tagbase_1_9d3a22c8be46
postgres_1_3f42d4fc1a77 | 2019-02-05 19:35:45.999 UTC [1] LOG:  listening on IPv4 address "", port 5432

I thought I was connecting to the server via R exactly as I've done using pgadmin but the following doesn't seem to work:

# create a connection to the postgres database
con <- DBI::dbConnect(RPostgreSQL::PostgreSQL(), dbname = "postgres",
                  host = "", port = 5432,
                  user = "tagbase", password = "tagbase")

Error in postgresqlNewConnection(drv, ...) : 
RS-DBI driver: (could not connect [email protected]:5432 on dbname "postgres": 
FATAL:  role "tagbase" does not exist)

I now realize pgadmin is also running in the docker container network. Thus, local host for the pgadmin connection is the database server. Seems like I need a solution like this

Note the source for the docker builds is here following the instructions here.

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