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I'm working on a Perl6 project, but having difficulty connecting to MySQL. Even when using the DBIish (or tutorial) example code, the connection fails. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated! User credentials have been confirmed accurate too.

I'm running this on Windows 10 with MySQL Server 8.0 and standard Perl6 with Rakudo Star. I have tried modifying the connection string in numerous ways like :$password :password<> :password() etc. but can't get a connection established. Also should note that I have the ODBC, C, C++, and.Net connectors installed.

use v6.c;
use lib 'lib';
use DBIish;
use Register::User;

# Windows support
%*ENV<DBIISH_MYSQL_LIB> = "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 8.0/liblibmysql.dll"
    if $*;

my $dbh = DBIish.connect('mysql', :host<localhost>, :port(3306), :database<dbNameHere>, :user<usernameHere>, :password<pwdIsHere>) or die "couldn't connect to database"; 
my $sth = $dbh.prepare(q:to/STATEMENT/);
    SELECT *
    FROM users


my @rows = $sth.allrows();

for @rows { .print }
say @rows.elems;


This should be connecting to the DB. Then the app runs a query, followed by printing out each resulting row. What actually happens is the application hits the 'die' message every time.

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